The Story

“What if we got Christian students together from all over Cal State Fullerton to pray for revival for an hour and then proclaim the gospel for an hour?”

What started as an idea turned into a 30-person prayer and evangelism outreach, which itself became a weekly event I had the privilege of leading for the rest of my undergrad. I felt alive seeing the body of Christ gather to do such active, kingdom-expanding work. As graduation was approaching I began praying seriously, “What if did this after I graduate?” I finished at CSUF with my business degree in May 2019 and Campus Revive was born that summer, a ministry focused on raising up students to pray for revival and proclaim the gospel.                                      

The college campus is the epicenter of our culture. Colleges train today’s students in the worldviews and philosophies “according to human tradition, according to the elemental spirits of the world, and not according to Christ” (Col. 2:8). We believe if we want to see our culture changed and students reached our campuses must be saturated in devoted prayer, and its students inspired and equipped to take the gospel to their peers. May God see that mission to its end.

The Mission

Inspiring, gathering, and equipping Christian college students to pray for revival and proclaim the gospel on the frontlines of culture: the college campus 

The Vision

To produce prayer and evangelism movements on every campus in California led by devoted, bold, well-trained, Christ-loving ambassadors.