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In the Underground Church

She was only thirteen when she was forced to leave her home country of Bhutan. Her parents kicked her out of the house a year earlier after discovering she had put her faith in Christ. Police officials were now forcing Christians to leave the country. Her Christian sister and brother-in-law already left. Purnima found herself…


As that great preacher Shia Labeauff once said, JUST DO IT! I’m serious! How do we start a conversation with a stranger about the number one off-the-table-topic? We just do it. By the power of the Spirit of the Living God, we open our mouths in obedience to the Scripture and faithfully initiate a conversation…

Pursuing the Mission

Walking into the Arboretum on the Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) campus was a new experience for me. One second my good friend Antonio and I were on asphalt next to the football field, and next we found ourselves on a winding dirt trail that crossed a quiet stream and lead into a forest. I’ve always been…

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