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Pursuing the Mission

Walking into the Arboretum on the Cal State Fullerton (CSUF) campus was a new experience for me. One second my good friend Antonio and I were on asphalt next to the football field, and next we found ourselves on a winding dirt trail that crossed a quiet stream and lead into a forest. I’ve always been fascinated by botanical gardens and the outdoors. However, now wasn’t the time for exploring and admiring the views, we were on a mission. 

Our mission is the same one given to everyone who places their faith in Christ, spreading the Gospel among unbelievers and making disciples. This is what Jesus did while he was on earth and through the Great Commission God calls us to do the same. It all starts with sharing the truth and fullness of the Gospel. 

This was our hope as we entered CSUF. We hoped that God would open doors for us to share His truth with students on the campus. But, little did we know that one of those doors would lead us to the Arboretum. After entering and spending several minutes walking around, we had a short conversation with a young couple. We began making our way back toward the entrance. But, before we left, we encountered a college student enjoying the gardens. 

We introduced ourselves and we began sharing the Gospel with him. As Antonio was talking, it seemed as though he knew new exactly what we were talking about. He said that he believed in God and was raised in the church but, got “pushed away” when certain events took place within his fellowship. Later, he stated that he believed most of the Bible to be true, but that the world has changed since the Bible was written. He continued by saying that not every rule and commandment is completely relevant for today. At that moment, I realized the heart of the problem. Along with this man, many others in today’s world claim to believe in God, but don’t want to accept all of His commandments. Sadly they choose to believe the enemy’s lies. 

I shared with him that God’s Word makes it clear, no one is to add or take away from His perfect Word (Revelation 22:18-19). I also told him that a good parent isn’t going to change the rules because culture changes. If the rule is meant to protect their child they will hold true to what they say. Likewise, God’s commandments are a standard for holiness, and standards don’t change. Moreover, God never changes (Hebrews 13:8). Either we believe ALL of God’s Word or we don’t. And if we believe ALL of it, then we believe that is more than relevant today than ever. 

We prayed for him and left him with these things to think about. It is such a blessing to have the freedom to share the Good News and, Lord willing, plant seeds which may lead to another saved soul. 

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