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Welcome all! It’s with joy and excitement for what lies ahead to announce What a massive opportunity it is to send out thoughts, encouragements, and updates to the world with the click of a button. It is with thanksgiving to God, and my good friend Jeffrey Saari, to write that the dream has become a reality. May the Lord use it for His glory.
As I write this we’re gearing up to release ”When Death Comes Knocking” tomorrow at 5pm. We have no idea what God is going to do with it. My hope is that God will use it beyond what I could have asked or imagined, to reach students with the good news of Jesus Christ in the midst of the most tumultuous time this generation has ever seen. Our generation has done it all, but all are finding – or will soon – that aiming to gain the whole world is an eternally poor exchange for your soul. May they instead find the far better feast of the gospel, and may God use this video to that end.
For the King,
Jared Johnson
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